DISCOVER how your genes reveal the key to finding your life purpose. LEARN how to translate your innate strengths in a language that enhances your personal & business relationships. CREATE a roadmap for your life which will support you in all areas of personal development.

PAS Clients:

“. . . without you knowing anything about me, you were able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Once I had the Integrated Profile report in my hands and had you explain what it meant, I could see that I was not in a career where my strengths lie. I am now back in the engineering world and am doing great!”
—Karen A., Pleasanton, CA

“What was amazing to me was how you were able to paint a picture of my life
. . . this knowledge has produced a liberating effect on my personal actions and decision-making process.”
—Chris K., Sacramento, CA


The Integrated Personality Profile

Modern science—physiology, neurology, endocrinology and genetics—meets ancient wisdom dating back 3,000 years to Chinese physiognomy, the art of reading a person’s values, talent and desires based on the features of the body. The result: specific and accurate understanding of the human personality, from gifts to foibles.

PAS consultants are trained to recognize individual behavior patterns by observing genetic structure in the human body linked to specific types of personality functions or “traits.” These traits may be instinctive, emotional or intellectual. The interpretation of dozens of patterns is then developed into a custom portrait of your preferences and interests which we call the Integrated Personality Profile.

The patterns from which the profile is based upon where synthesized from a body of work dating back over 200 years, leading up to the mid 20th century. The foundations for your profile came from a statistical analysis of a series of specific questions on personality posed to 1,500 people which was found to be 95 percent accurate in the area of vocational selection, and 89 percent accurate when applied to one’s marriage.

The Integrated Personality Profile provides precise recommendations on careers and hobbies, focusing on the natural gifts that make one a writer, nurse, computer programmer, CEO, pilot, zoologist, policewoman or even an astronaut. There is no “typecasting," just practical information which can be applied immediately into daily life.

We consult with the individual on his/her career and relationships with other people. Each profile includes:

  • A two-hour initial meeting to gather information about the individual.
  • A two-hour follow up session providing 5-7 specific career recommendations, plus valuable tips on how to enhance communication skills and stimulate areas of interest and creativity.

The Power to Reach Your Highest Potential

Over 20,000 profiles around the globe have distinguished the Integrated Personality Profile (IPP) as a comprehensive language for learning about ourselves. PAS can provide you and your family with a self portrait that is as custom as your fingerprints. Many people claim that the IPP recognizes them in entirety. Validation for some, an epiphany experience for others; you too, may feel fully identified for your sensibilities, preferences, and interests.