Melanie Kett Wirtanen

About PAS

MELANIE KETT WIRTANEN became a Certified Personologist in 1994, after completing a 25 client interne program and eight courses of study in the field of behavioral genetics under the training of William F. Burtis, M.S. Mr. Burtis was a member of the team of researchers who scientifically validated most of the traits PAS uses in the Integrated Personality Profile today. Affiliated with the Personology Institute, San Diego since 1995, Melanie also teaches this Personality Analysis System to individuals either in a classroom setting or via correspondence. She has a great passion for this work that has encouraged her to persue her strengths as an administrator, editor, and nature enthusiast yet allows her to recognize and accept her own imperfect nature; the path to growth has obstacles, but PAS provides specific instructions for those who want to practice discipline and gain mastery over negative behavior patterns.

Melanie's specialty is working with children and teenagers, including those at risk. The focus of PAS is helping teens to realize that their own strengths and natural talents contribute to their success in life as well as in their community and the world at large. For teens who seek higher education, she can recommend two or three very specific choices for a college major or life path. A couple of Melanie's gifts are her inquisitive nature and love of information, which give her the ability to draw close to children and communicate from a point of wonderment about this amazing world we live in. Melanie also has a talent for spot-on vocational selection for adults at all stages of employment.

Melanie lives on the Monterey Bay, California, and has a degree in Biology from University of California, Santa Cruz. She and her husband enjoy reading, travel, camping in the deserts of the West as well as "keeping the home fires burning."

Services + Fees

The fee for a full integrated Personality Profile™ ranges from $300 to $350.
Each profile includes:

  • A two-hour initial meeting to gather information about the individual.
  • A two-hour follow-up session providing 5-7 specific career recommendations, plus valuable tips on how to enhance communication skills and stimulate areas of interest and creativity.
  • A full year of follow-up support.
  • Mini profiles can be done in only 15 minutes, allowing 12 individuals to be seen over a three hour period. a worksheet and audio copy of the results in digital form are provided.

The cost of a mini profile ranges from $25-$50.

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