Learning how to understand each other's traits opens up a new level of awareness and communication. An Integrated Personailty Profile is a must for all those contemplating a long-term relationship or business partnership.

PAS Clients:

“If it weren’t for my Integrated Personality Profile, I wouldn’t still be married.”
—M.H., El Paso, TX

“Very eye-opening. Made me realize that I dudge people negatively when it is really only my perception.”
—Kathernine A., Sacramento, CA

“What was amazing to me was how you were able to paint a picture of my life
. . . this knowledge has produced a liberating effect on my personal actions and decision-making process.”
—Chris K., Folsom, CA

Relationships—Personal and Professional

Understanding one another’s traits opens up a new level of awareness and
communication. Do you know the five most important traits to share with your partner to ensure harmony in your marriage? The Profile defines them for you and is an all-important step to take in pre-marital counseling. Take any field that requires a basic understanding of people you’ve just met or may be working with and apply the principals of the Profile to give you the edge to communicate with them effectively, to best satisfy both their needs and yours. A must for all those contemplating a long-term relationship, or business partnership.

The Integrated Personality Profile illuminates the path to discover our own
unique talents, as well as our challenges. It provides us with the power of
choice; the power to direct our lives toward fulfillment and a sense of selfworth. This valuable tool gives precise guidance without asking questions, without judgement or comparisons to others.

A PAS Profile provides accurate and specific information which can be applied immediately into daily life. The purpose of a profile is to uplift the client and help guide her to a new awareness of herself and those around her. PAS will help you with:

  • Selecting the right career, hobby or recreations.
  • Personnel selection, evaluation and placement.
  • Understanding your employee or boss.
  • Understanding the world of a child.
  • Developing harmonious relationships.
  • Expressing you “inner intent” outwardly.